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About The Artist

Henna Designer

Zahra Bridal Henna (ZBH) is a Singapore based and officially registered company. Juwairiya Ghazzali serves as the founder and henna artist of ZBH. A self-taught and passionate henna artist with 10 years of experience, she is well known for creating intricate floral designs. She exclusively blends her own henna paste with the finest organic henna powder and pure essential oils for her clients. ‘Since young, I have enjoyed doing art. Doodling with just a black marker on a paper was how it all started... By the time i was 15, I did my very first bridal henna. And the rest is history…

Henna- Dos And Don'ts Tips

  • Keep your hands and feet clean. Remove any lotions/moisturizer on skin by soap before henna application.
  • Avoid air conditioned room and KEEP YOURSELF WARM throughout the process. Warmer the body is, the darker the henna stain gets.
  • Leave the paste on skin as long as possible, at least 5-8 hours.
  • Keep spraying ZBH Sticky sealant on the dried parts as much as possible to keep it moist. Do not apply too much as it might smudge the henna design.
  • DO NOT WASH OFF YOUR HENNA. Scrape/rub off the henna with a paper towel. The henna stain would be bright orange upon removal.
  • Avoid water completely for 12-24 hours after henna removal. If necessary, apply ZBH Buttery Balm generously before getting in contact with water.
  • Natural Henna oxidises within 24-36 hours before it gives out its dark beautiful stain… Patience and warmth is the key.


Yes, we only use 100% natural henna powder which we blend with our essential oils and lemon to achieve dark beautiful stain. No ppd or chemical added.

Its best to keep it overnight or atleast for 6-8 hours. The longer you keep the henna paste on the darker it gets.

Yes, ZBH uses natural henna hence it is definitely safe for kids and pregnant woman.

Yes we use all natural 100% herbal henna & get it from India. However people allergic to citric or any essential oils (which are natural too) should be careful as lemon & other essential oils are mixed to get a dark & longer lasting stain. Patients taking lithium pills should avoid henna.

Black henna is made up of chemical (mainly PPD-para-phenylenediamine). It is very harmful.

Yes, we do come over at your own convenience.